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iconillusion's Journal

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the girl.

my name is katie. i make graphics for my own enjoyment in my spare time, mostly in the middle of the night. insomnia has to be good for something, see?

personal, friends only journal is elsewhere. i do not read this friends page; that's what the personal journal is for.

my writing/fanfiction journal is aboutbunnies - fanfic relating to some of the fandoms for which i create graphics.
the graphics.
in this journal you'll find mostly icons, but also other graphics such as screencaps, friends only banners, headers, and the occasional fanvid or other creation. i create my graphics mainly based on my fandoms, including but not limited to er, m*a*s*h, the office (us), lost, bones, emily deschanel, maura tierney, various movies and other things that strike my fancy.

looking for graphics of a particular fandom, or a particular type of graphic? the tags and memories (memories no longer updated; use the tags instead) should help out with that.
the rules.
very simple:

-comment. this helps me know what i should keep doing and what i can improve. plus, it's just nice.
-credit. i'm not the credit police, but i detest miscrediting, or saying you'll credit with no intention of doing so. be polite; it's free advertising for me and takes three seconds for you. this is how you credit.
-NO hotlinking. ever.
-NO editing. ever.
the resources.
nightcomes _toxication ewanism colorfilter wash_when_dirty jadedicons bittenicons myrasis _sinelinea ofthesky scarlett_o iiokua ohfreckle ex-posed hybrid-genesis pureskies peoplemachines fuyuno icon_collide likeagun enflowered shoegal_icons whysosilent xsleepingswanx lovelamp shalowater expose42 ch4ndler eveningwalk hxcfairy
if you see i'm using something of yours and i've not credited you, please let me know and i'll add you here.
the affiliates.
if you have an icon journal/community and would like to be affiliated, just comment on one of the entries.

i run mashstillness, a m*a*s*h stillness icontest and emilystills, an emily deschanel stillness icontest.

i run this site:

i contribute screencaps here:
Profile code thanks to ReversesCollide. Journal layout code thanks to Milou-Veronica.